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Japanese Tree Blossoms


Birthday photoshoot 1 year old & 4 years old

A photoshoot was held as a beautiful birthday present to Nina from her father and mother. They gave her photoshoots twice when she turned 1 and 4 years old. She even requested to be a princess for her 4 years old birthday! 



A day for two

The first year after a baby was born is like being in the waves of happiness and things that you haven't experienced before. Thus, it's so precious to have a partner to share with every milestone together. 
The husband secretly prepared a photoshoot to show appreciation to his wife for her dedication to raising their baby for the very first year. 



Coming-of-Age Ceremony

In Japan, customarily, when a person turns 20 years old, he or she is celebrated in a family or community, which is called the Coming-of-Age Ceremony. On the day of the photoshoot, the mother dressed her daughter in a stunning Kimono, and all the family members and close friends were gathered for her! 


Face yoga branding pictures

Building a brand of your own is a fantastic journey. It takes time and effort but you are creating one and only thing. Primarily it's important to express what you value to be different from others. In this regard, pictures can appeal to your audience and make your statement more convincing. Here is the portfolio that Sophia who has begun her own brand of face yoga.

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