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Let me tell your story and journey through photography

    About Me & My Photography   


Hello, It's Yukie Coco and I'm a Kyoto-based portrait photographer. 

I started photography back in 2016 and at that time, I was taking photos of streets, markets, and people in Japan as well as overseas for me to look back and remember those moments. Sometimes my family and friends became the subject of my photos. They would tell me that they enjoyed the portraits and asked if they could use them as their profile pictures on social media. That's when I started to focus more on taking portraits. 

When I look back on my past, I have always enjoyed the arts. It started back in kindergarten when I felt joy drawing and showing my finished pictures to friends/family. I would even draw portraits of people around me and give those pictures as gifts. After transitioning into photography, I am now able to share my joy of the arts by capturing those special moments and showcasing what defines who you are. After giving birth to my son in 2021, I've realized that even the smallest milestones deserve to be remembered and are essential to a person's development. Through my clients, I'm grateful that I am able to capture the milestones in their life and a part of their story when photographing special moments such as their child's 1st birthday, honeymoon & babymoon trip to Japan, Coming of Age Ceremony, and so on. 

I appreciate you reading about my story and if you allow me to capture a part of your journey, I will put my soul into making a lifelong memory captured in the form of a photograph

 Yukie Coco

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