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Kyoto portrait tour is made for couples, families, and friends visiting Kyoto, Japan. Yukie, a local photographer, and guide will create a personalized tour plan for you and your loved ones based on exchanging texting happened advance of your arrival to the city. This tour includes chatting with a Kyoto local, talks/trivia about Japanese life, and places/restaurant recommendations aside from your portraits with a stunning background of Kyoto. 


About Kyoto portrait tour

Kyoto is called a magical ancient city and attracts people from all around the world. The famous Fushimi Inari, bamboo forest, Kiyomizu temple, the golden temple, and Gion district are just a few examples.

Years ago, I made friends with some travelers from abroad and I will never forget what they said to me. "We traveled in Japan for four weeks and Kyoto is my favorite. There is no other place like it. Kyoto has nature such as the Kamo River and the slow pace of human life". And I was surprised because their impressions matched mine, having lived there for several years. 

Kyoto used to be my dream city; when I was a teenager, it was my dream to live in Kyoto. I still fall in love with this city every day. I have rooted myself here and built a family. I have a few but very good friends. I am proud to say that this city has become my son's home.


I always approach a photo shoot with the feeling that I am guiding new friends of mine through the city I love. I hope you will make wonderful lifelong memories with your family and friends in this city. 

Frequently asked questions about Kyoto portrait tour

01.    How can I book a Kyoto portrait tour?

You can contact me via DM Instagram or this website!

02.    What's included in a tour? 

Up to 3 hours (half day) or 6 hours (full day) of a photo session and private guided tour. Post-production (by using Lightroom or Photoshop, or both) is included. 50+ images for 3 hours tour and 70+ images for 6 hours tour are guaranteed. Data are sent via email (Except for family emergencies, all sessions will be edited and returned within 7 days). 

What's NOT included? : Transportation fee during the photo shoot. 

For pricing, please refer to Info

03.    Has specific locations for the photo shoot already been selected?

No, it hasn't. During our initial message exchange, I will ask you about your requests and preferences regarding the location of the shoot. I will then suggest a location plan for you, considering logistics and time.  

04.    Can you suggest a Kimono rental shop?

Yes, I can. I can suggest a few shops. Please make a reservation on your end. English is available on their online booking website. Also, please note that you must be done with all of your kimono dress-up before the shoot, which could take 1 hour to 1.5 hours to get you dressed in your Kimono and get your hair done. 

05.    Where will we meet up for a tour? 

We will discuss the starting point beforehand and will meet on-site. 

06.    Can you suggest must-visit places or restaurants in Kyoto? 

Yes, I can and I'd love to! I have several favorite restaurants and cafes in the city. 

07.    Can I ask you a general question about traveling to Japan, manners, Do's and Don'ts? 

Of course, you can! I have experience working at a travel company in Japan so I can give you some advice. 

08.     Will you help me surprise my loved ones??

I'd be happy to do that! I'm looking forward to hearing from you and discussing a personalized surprise plan for your loved one and you to make a life-long memory!! 

09.     Can you arrange a private car for the photoshoot?

Yes, I can. 

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