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What you proud, value, and care

Since I started photography in 2015, I have had many experiences that bring tears to my eyes when I take a portrait. But I couldn't quite put into words what made me do it. 

Only recently I have finally come to understand. Through the lens of my camera, I was able to directly feel the beauty of bonds with family and friends, the power of passion, and the strong will to cherish what is most important to people. 

What is important to people is nurtured through the repetition of day-to-day activities. A photoshoot lasts only a few hours, but I promise myself I will never miss capturing the precious brilliance that is born out of that repetition. 

Time is fleeting and everything changes, and I want to grasp the straw of that time and preserve it in images as beautifully as possible.

Collaborate + Empower

Most of the time, when I have an initial meeting with small business owners/entrepreneurs on photo shoot plans, I feel what I could do as a photographer is very little. That's because they already have a clear image of pictures of their service/product/themselves, in other words, their branding so I usually make comments on how I can help with actualizing them with a form of a photograph.

I hope we can enjoy our collaboration and that my photographs can make a difference in your website, self-image, and branding of your service. 

Welcome to your dream city 

Kyoto is called a magical ancient city and attracts people from all around the world. The famous Fushimi Inari, bamboo forest, Kiyomizu temple, the golden temple, and Gion district are just a few examples.

Years ago, I made friends with some travelers from abroad and I will never forget what they said to me." We traveled in Japan for four weeks and Kyoto is my favorite. There is no other place like it. Kyoto has nature such as the Kamo River and the slow pace of human life. And I was surprised because their impressions matched mine, having lived there for several years. 

Kyoto used to be my dream city; when I was a teenager, it was my dream to live in Kyoto. I still fall in love with this city every day. I have rooted myself here and built a family. I have a few but very good friends. I am proud to say that this city has become my son's home.


I always approach a photo shoot with the feeling that I am guiding new friends of mine through the city I love. I hope you will make wonderful lifelong memories with your family and friends in this city. 


01.    How can I book a photoshoot?

You can contact me via DM through Instagram or through this website!

02.    How far in advance should I book?

Reservations can be made as early as 3 months in advance. For closer dates, please check the calendar on the top page for available dates.

03.    What are your payment options?

Currently, I ask that payment be made through this website or in person and in Japanese yen cash. 

04.    How long do we have to wait to get our images delivered?

Except for family emergencies, all sessions will be edited and returned within 5 days. 

05.    Do you have location suggestions? 

Yes, I do! I'm happy to make suggestions upon your request. Also, I often go where the client wants me to go with them. 

06.    What should I wear?

It is recommended that family and friends wear some matching colors or patterns. Kimonos are also a good choice, as they are very Kyoto-like.

07.    Can I bring some props? 

By all means! Please let me know what's on your mind in advance if you can. I also can bring a picnic blanket if we go outside. 

08.     Do you travel?

I'd be happy to travel to Osaka and Nara, but I'm open to anything! Please send me a message!

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