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Hi, I'm Yukie Coco. I'm a photographer based in Kyoto, Japan. 


Before talking about our session, please keep it in your mind, I'm really honored to capture the moment of your life!!

Thank you for choosing me and becoming your photographer. 



Here, this is how we get to the photo shoot day and how you will receive your post-produced photos.


BOOKING stage 

Please choose the menu from the service page. 20% of deposit (sorry, this is non-refundable) will apply. 


BEFORE the session 
As far as time permits, I'd like to contact you and consult you through emails or private message on social media. 

I will send you ordering sheet once the deposit is to be paid, please fill out and send it back to me. Also, I want to make sure what kind of images you want from the session, please feel free to send sample images to me. 


ON THE DAY of photo shooting

We will have a cup of coffee or tea and finalize our plan prior to the photo shooting. 

You will be reminded of how many poses and locations you will take as well as how many photos will be delivered through online album after being edited (by Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop).


AFTER the session
Promised number of photos will be delivered to you through an online album. 




This is my self-introduction. 


Since I was a little kid, I have been always admired to the world. When I had a chance to travel to Thailand when I was a university student to research backpacking traveling style, I brought five Fuji disposable cameras. I captured everyday food, less busy Khao San load, the world-famous mecca for backpackers, in the morning and the people whom I met on an overnight train (24 hours ride!!) to Malaysia. 10 years later, while I lived in Toronto, Canada, I bought my DSLR camera for the first time in my life. This urban and the most multicultural city in the world had offered me many encounters with artists, entrepreneurs, and professionals in hospitality. What they have in common is CREATIVITY to manage and built their own lives through the project, educational activity, and arts while thriving their daily lives. I took it and chose to become my role model for my life. 


HUMANITY is another key to shape my core value. I was born and raised in Miyazaki, Kyushu. Being very close to my family, when I was little, my favorite way to spend time was watching my grandmother cook. Since she was acknowledged as who can make one of the best pickles in the neighbor, she always made a big barrel of pickles every year and shared it with her friend and family. My mother, who is big-hearted and has a good sense of good and bad rooted in her background as a Buddhist, she is always a good listener and a good friend to her friend whenever. By looking at their back, I chose to be a good friend to my friend no matter what. Also, I wish to be rather a GIVER, not a TAKER. I should not forget to mention him, my father who had given up going to college due to his family financial reason but built his career as a banker and a man who has many hobbies always supported me to have a good education as long as telling me how important to be a self-educated and broadminded.  




Contact me

Tel: 123-456-7890



500 Terry Francois St. 

San Francisco, CA 94158

Thanks for submitting!

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